Thursday, March 4, 2010

Time to Stop Thinking Like a CEO

I see it. I think anyone reading this blog sees it every day. Many of us don't want to get our hands dirty and "be in the trenches." We want to talk and act and give our views from 40,000 feet. We openly say that we "don't do the work" others do.

Supposedly the above description is that of a CEO, President or some kind of mogul. Truth is, I think few of us, even if we have the title of CEO or whatever, should have that mindset. Sure a little visionary thinking here or there is great. But it almost always comes down to the little things, the day-to-day things that make a good or bad difference.

It's intoxicating to think we're big thinkers, but our clients, our employees, our suppliers and our partners want personal attention, they want us to be "real" and connected to, not detached from, them.

If any of us are too important to think on behalf of a client or employee or too big to stoop down and pick up trash, then shame on us.

You've heard the saying, "the devil is in the details." The original saying was, "God is in the details."

The real meaning of what we do is indeed, in the details.

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  1. Great thoughts. It seems like the problem with the "typical" CEO thinking is that it has perverted what is a decent bit of wisdom - don't get STUCK in the details, the whirlwind, the day to day... learn to look above that as well... That has been perveted into don't DO the details, don't DO the whirlwind, the day to day, ONLY look above.

    The problem isn't doing (as leaders we have to do the details) it's in getting stuck in ONLY the details.

    But, as arrogant, egotistical leaders, we want to think we are above that. And, that is when the problems start to happen.