Thursday, March 18, 2010

Evil Profit

"I know what you're trying do! You're trying to make more profit, " said the employee to her boss. How dare he ask for accountability on a multi-million dollar project they were discussing!

I grew up listening to "All You Need is Love" and really thought if we could teach the world to sing about Coca Cola that somehow we'd be better off. But, if we don't watch out, profit will become a dirty word.

Profit is keeping companies in business, especially today when banks aren't going to extend a lot of cash to losing ventures.

Profit is being used to hire more people or give them a little more money.

Profit is affording us that cool new laptop or software program.

Profit is what we might call job security.

Profit gives us a chance to experiment, to try new ideas, to open that new office in Singapore, and to give to charities we believe in.

The more we turn profit into a dirty word, the less employment, the less charitable contributions, and the less our businesses buy the stuff that other businesses sell.

Love and singing about Coca Cola are great, but they won't pay our bills or keep our doors open.

Barry LaBov
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