Monday, March 15, 2010

What's Your Communication Mix?

The best salespeople, the best execs and the best social workers all have something in common: their communication mix.

They communicate in-person or on the phone when the message counts. If it's a tough discussion or one that is complex, it's done with another person whether they are five feet away or on a telephone.

The stuff that doesn't matter or is at least not delicate, complex or emotional-- that's done in the smartest, most-efficient way possible, including email, snailmail, voicemail, Facebook, etc.

The under-performers? They send the bad news through the mail, they leave a voicemail or they send a poorly worded email that copies in numerous people and is vague. That then leads to confusion or hard feelings or at best, miscommunication.

Leaders and other successful people realize we are in a relationship-based world and our decisions on how best to communicate is often as important as the message itself.

Barry LaBov
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