Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Different types of customers

In the years we’ve worked with clients, I’ve found two types stand out: 1) the “dance for me” client and 2) the “let’s roll up our sleeves” client.

Dance for me. This client firmly wants you to know that you work for them. They feel their job is primarily to judge your work. If it is successful, they will take great credit because they chose you. It the project falls short, they will lay the blame squarely on you. This client is not a bad person; their product may be excellent, but they draw a clear line between you and them.

Let’s roll up our sleeves. This client is appreciative that you are working with them. They want to make sure everything is done to ensure success, including them playing an active role. If there is success, they share it. If something falls short, they will take more than their share of accountability for it.

Sadly, the Dance for me client will lose out on one thing that the Let’s roll up our sleeves client gets—heart and soul. Sometimes that’s the difference between success and failure. 

Barry LaBov
LABOV Marketing Communications and Training

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Have people earn your distrust

The unhappy people I know are the ones talking of conspiracy theories and how someone had an ulterior motive, etc.  They are afraid they will be taken advantage of or they won’t get what they deserve. Some of that may be true, but I find it exhausting.

I have been told I am too gracious—I am not bragging, in fact it may be true. My wife and I have been taken advantage of, like the time a house guest took our car on a joy ride without us knowing—that was cause for concern, but so what?

I prefer to think a person needs to earn my distrust, rather than my trust. It’s an easier life to lead, you have a few disappointments, but they are far outnumbered by the good.

Barry LaBov
LABOV Marketing Communications and Training