Monday, March 1, 2010

Most Valuable--Being able to work alone and with a team

There is a lot of talk about being a team player in business and of course, who can argue with that? It's fantastic to be able to inspire others, to do what it takes to help the team, etc.

But keep in mind, the team also needs people to perform their jobs without the assistance of others. If it takes two or three people to do the job of one, that's not helping the team.

Ideally, a top performer can think on his/her own and be responsible for his/her job AND also be available to support and give feedback to the team members. That's a top performer.

If a person cannot perform without their team pushing them or holding them up, then that's not a team player, that's a team slayer.

Barry LaBov
President, LaBov & Beyond
LaBov Sales Channel
PB&J Newsletter

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