Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Company Within a Company

A manufacturer is troubled and confused, it can't seem to figure out what's going on. Sales are down, yet some dealers are doing great. Other dealers are doing terribly. How can it all be solved with a new process or initiative? The answer is: it can't.

A company of any size sometimes has a company or companies within it. The above manufacturer has a group of failing dealers that were down in sales and in customer service. That group needs to be isolated and focused on. They need to be dramatically improved or risk being eliminated.

There also is a group of "Steady Eddie" dealers that are status quo for the year. They need different focus. Maybe they need guidance on where to focus, maybe they need to set higher goals.

The manufacturer also has a small but aggressively growing group of dealers that with a little attention could move mountains. Again, you guessed it, they need a completely different approach. They need support and they need to feel the love from the manufacturer.

One size doesn't fit all, one program won't solve every issue, and all dealers aren't the same. We have to fight the temptation for a generic answer when we need specific approaches to the different situations or "companies" we deal with.

Barry LaBov
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