Tuesday, March 23, 2010

From an "Intent" Economy to a "Results" Economy

When a recession slams down an economy, it's felt in numerous ways. One affect that takes place is:

Moving from an Intents to a Results Economy

In a robust economy, all is forgiven if the intent was good or at least neutral. For example, a dealer is under-performing, not meeting the expectations of a manufacturer. If that dealer had good intentions and made an effort of some sort to follow the manufacturer's processes, then the dealer will survive. That dealer may be viewed as an under-performer, but they can continue on.

In an economy such as the one we're facing, intent is not enough. Results are what will guide the decision-making. So that same under-performing dealer will now be penalized or worse, cut-off from that manufacturer. Today it doesn't matter if you meant to do a poor job or not, it matters what the end results are.

This goes for all of us from manufacturers to dealers to suppliers as well as employees of all kinds. No matter if the intent is good.

Barry LaBov
President, LaBov & Beyond
LaBov Sales Channel
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