Friday, March 19, 2010

Whose Responsibility is Your Job?

When business is going strong, the issue is to figure out how to get it done. Today, often the question is, how do I stay busy?

I don't think it's entirely the employee's job to stay productive. After all, if there is little going on, how can the average employee generate his or her workload? They can't, usually. But they can do something about it.

I think the employer owes the employee opportunities--to make a good living, to do great work, and to be valuable.

The employee, especially today, needs to step up and play whatever role necessary to see that he or she gets opportunities, makes a living, does great work, and brings value.

That means the best employees think of themselves as generators.

Generators increase the odds of good things happening at a company. They come up with ideas, they create great relationships with clients, they volunteer for work, they make sure the company is living up to their promises.

All of the above is a lot harder than sitting around and waiting for your next order. But it's a lot more fun and meaningful and it dramatically increases your odds of having a great job, let alone staying employed.

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