Monday, March 22, 2010

Salesmanship is still woefully below expectations

Despite the recession and economic challenges out there, we are still seeing poor sales performances every day. It makes no sense, but in the bad times, customer service falls off.

The recession has probably bottomed out. People are a little more secure in the money they have to spend. Many of them of still waiting for that salesperson to call them back on that snowmobile, boat, car or washer/dryer.

Manufacturers that sell through dealerships need to revitalize their sales training and make it relevant for these times.

My company is working with a manufacturer on re-racking their sales approach to the dealers. Previously, the manufacturer has been relatively passive with the dealers as far as sales training goes. Those days are over.

It's time to train salespeople to sell based on these times, not on 2006 standards, which were the days of order-taking.

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