Monday, August 16, 2010

"You Don't Know How Hard We Work"

A common refrain at companies is that the boss doesn't appreciate the hard work her people are doing. I just worked with a client on this. There is a simple answer.

First of all, it's probably true that the boss doesn't know how much effort is being put in. The reason? In many cases the boss is so engrossed in her work and pressures that she doesn't see much else. And since the employees are focused on what they're doing, they don't see or appreciate her efforts either.

To overcome this, we need to communicate more often to update each other. But also, these are the times that employees and managers need to look around. Is the boss sipping martinis at the bar all day long or is she running from one meeting or customer to another? My guess is that she's pretty slammed with stuff to do.

So, update often--not to brag or to complain or elicit sympathy--but to truly let everyone learn and appreciate each other.

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