Monday, August 9, 2010

Pro vs. Hobbyist

I've grown to appreciate people who have that something extra, who bring more to the table, who are energized by what they do, as opposed to the normal, nice person who does the job and moves on.

A way to describe that difference is being a pro. A pro loves their career and does what it takes to grow and improve. A pro jumps in and has fun. A pro can be counted on. A pro exceeds expectations.

A hobbyist, on the other hand, dabbles in stuff and does a decent job but doesn't put heart and soul into their work. A hobbyist doesn't care to grow and improve because he doesn't see the payback. A hobbyist often feels put-out to dig in and work extra to tackle a problem.

I'm appreciative to the pros I work with and urge them to keep doing what they're doing--but then again, I don't need to. They're pros.

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