Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Simple is So Hard

Look back on the mistakes you've made in the past--it would have been so simple to have done something different or better and never have experienced them. But why did a mistake happen if it's so simple? Is it hindsight that makes it look so obvious? Maybe, but...

Simple is hard. We want to avoid discomfort, hassles, etc. Simple is tough. Sure it's simple to do a great job, to check your work and to clarify every detail of a project or relationship, but it takes time, it's not a lot of fun--not when it's 5:01 or it's a sunny day and you'd like to be outside playing.

But the good news is that IF we do the simple stuff and put up with the hassle and inconvenience, we will have a better life and less long-term issues to deal with, which makes life a lot more meaningful (and not so hard).

Barry LaBov
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