Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ring The Bell

I'm talking to a client who happens to have just bought a great new product (hint, it has wheels) at a dealership. My client is excited about the product but not the dealership experience. Why?

For one, the dealership salesperson didn't try to sell accessories to him because the salesperson was busy. Hint to dealer: people like to buy small stuff after they buy big stuff.

And the other reason: the dealer didn't ring the bell. Evidently this dealer is known for ringing a bell every time a new customer buys a product. To me, that sounds a bit like Pavlov's dog, but it's an exciting experience to my client. Expect that he didn't get to enjoy it because the dealer was too busy to ring that insipid bell. Hint to dealer: new customers like to be shown attention. Ring the darn bell and make their day.

It goes to show that if we do the little stuff we can be rewarded for it. Ring the bell.

Barry LaBov
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