Thursday, August 26, 2010

It's Not Simply A Numbers Game

We've heard it for years: sales is a numbers game. The more people you see at the dealership, the more clients you submit a bid response to, the more sales you'll make. Right?

Not necessarily.

It is true if you put your heart and soul into each opportunity, then your odds are good. But if you merely go through the motions and do a lackluster job, your odds are terrible.

Here's how the numbers really work. If you did a poor enough performance that you have a 1% chance of success, that does not mean if you do it 100 times, you'll be guaranteed one sale. It means 100 times you will have a 1% chance. In my world, that means you get zero sales.

The numbers game works only when you do your best over and over.

Barry LaBov
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