Friday, August 27, 2010

Green Generator

The green movement is great, it's all about protecting the environment. What about a green movement at the dealership or retail shop that's about the other green, money?

It's one thing to wait for the customer to come into the shop and see if they're in the mood or the mode to buy from you. What about generating sales on your own?

Becoming a Green Generator means networking, it means doing such a great job your customers gladly give you referrals, it means being a student of yourself and mining more sales.

If you analyze where your sales come from you can learn at least two things:
1) Where you should go for more sales opportunities just like the ones you have
2) What new places to look for sales generation

For example, if you're great with social media and get sales from it, keep it going. But if you've never tried social media, why not ask a friend who is good at it? The key to sales generation is balance--don't just focus on one, easy, natural area for growth. Expand your horizons, try a few new ideas to generate business--and you can do it while you're waiting for the next customer to come through the door.

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