Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Pressure to NOT Keep What Works

Companies are looking for every avenue to cut costs. Of course, people cost a lot, but we're usually averse to dealing with people issues. Instead we turn to areas such as travel budget, insurance, and amenities first. Then we cut people.

Here's the challenge: Why not cut what doesn't work and do your best to keep what does work?
If you have employees who make a difference and truly pull their weight--fight tooth and nail to keep them. If you have a health insurance program that is a differentiator for your employees, fight to keep it. If you have an end-of-year celebration for employees that is a highlight for them, a real motivator, do what you can to let it live.

But...that means if you have an employee who doesn't pull her weight, or a client who is a perennial money-loser, or there's a plan to upgrade to a cooler software system merely because it's cool--have the guts to pull the plug.

Keep what works, delete what doesn't.

Barry LaBov
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