Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Embrace your culture

You know one thing we can all do better at our companies? Embrace our culture.

Large, medium or small, companies of all sizes strive to homogenize who they are. They try to be the perfect combination of all things to make the employees happy. For example, here's what most companies feel they need to be:

At our company you only have to work 37 hours a week, you leave at 4:45 PM no matter what, you have great benefits, profit sharing, happy clients, no paperwork, no travel, no pressure, no conflict, everyone giggles all day long and you can paint your workspace any color you like. And, by the way, we're a world-class, top notch, high-producing, ultra-profitable, fast-growing enterprise.

The problem is, you can't be all of the above. You can't be great and not pay attention to what you do. Sometimes we need to put pressure on each other to exceed our last performance. What if you paint your office space a color that makes a co-worker sick to their stomach? And what if you're the client and you need something at 5:45 PM and no one answers the phone--how long will you be that fast-growing, world-class company?

As Popeye said, I yam what I yam. Let's embrace that, trumpet it throughout our organizations, to our customers and enjoy who we really are.

Barry LaBov
LaBov & Beyond
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