Thursday, April 1, 2010

Old School Attitude: Not enough budget

Whether you're at a dealership trying to sell a boat or a jet ski or a motorcycle, or you're a supplier dealing with a manufacturer, budget is not what it used to be.

The old-school mantra was, "I can't sell the jet ski because the customer doesn't have the money." Or maybe, "The client says they don't have budget to do this project." Those used to be relatively accurate assessments. No more.

Today if a customer is looking at a jet ski, they are most likely able to buy it, it's just they need to believe it's really worth it--that your dealership is worth it and that you as the salesperson are worth it. Otherwise, they'll leave your store and go somewhere else and they will open up their wallet if they are convinced they're getting a great value.

If you're a supplier, your customers have probably downsized, they've reduced operations, and have retooled their processes. BUT, they still need to sell their product. They have the money IF they're convinced your idea or solution will move the needle. If not, it's easier for them to stand pat and do nothing.

It's all about establishing the value. If you do, the money will follow.

Barry LaBov
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