Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I am a big fan of the TV show "24." Frequently when they're trying to figure out how to stop a dastardly plot, they monitor the chatter on the Internet or cell phones or whatever, searching for clues.

Our workplace is full of chatter. A lot of talk, a lot of issues, a lot of opinions--chatter.

If we stop and pay attention to the volume of chatter going on, one thing will emerge: the realization that we allow chatter to take the place of actually doing something productive.

Think about a particular problem that has been discussed for months or years--a lot of gnashing of teeth and frustrations, but yet we still hear about it. Nothing seems to change. That's chatter.

We have to face the fact we allow chatter to be an acceptable or even preferred alternative to actually doing something. Imagine if we didn't allow the chatter and focused on each issue, solving them the best we can?

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