Friday, April 2, 2010

Alternatives to full employment today

As an entrepreneur, I don't feel I have the right (or the time to waste) to judge our government or economy, but it is my responsibility to learn how to have my company succeed in the new economy.

There are lay-offs and outsourcing going on today. There are also some creative opportunities for companies and individuals to play the new economy game.

Since the economy is down and taxes are going up, it will be difficult for corporations to maintain their employee levels. An option is part-timers. There are many employees that would love to reduce their hours (and compensation), this is a positive for all.

An option for an unemployed individual is to market yourself as a 15 to 20 hour a week contractor. That scenario is attractive to companies because that person will likely perform 15 to 20 hours of real value and not cost the company in benefits. If you need full-time pay, you'll need to have a couple of part-time contracting jobs.

Is the direction of the country good or bad? It's a judgment call. But, if the question is, "Can I succeed?" the answer is "yes."

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