Thursday, April 29, 2010

Two Different Clients and Results

I've known many, many clients over the years and have gotten to be friends with numerous entrepreneurs, too. There are two different client prototypes I've observed that yield extremely different results and relationships.

One type is the "distant client." This client gives little support, is wary, and feels their job is keeping you on your toes. They openly boast they'll work with other companies like yours, they'll expect the lowest price and even if the project is a success, they'll be understated about it--they're not the type to praise good work or give you a big hug.

The other client is the "open book" client. They tell you everything they know in hopes of getting a good product from you--they may even share budget expectations, which can be great. They tend to give you room to create and are looking to make the experience a pleasure.

Of course, I prefer the "open book" client, who wouldn't? To be fair, the "distant client" can be very effective if they are negotiating commodity products. They will be the tough guys that get that widget at a low price ahead of schedule. But they're not inspirational or trusting, so that will affect the performance and results of suppliers that are creating unique things or ideas for them.

When it comes to buying a commodity, the "distant client" can drive a tough bargain. When it comes to needing expertise and something unique, the "open book" client can inspire a great result.

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