Tuesday, April 27, 2010

There is No Middle

Things I've heard from well-intentioned people (clients, employees) while conducting brand assessments, communications audits for their companies:

I'm caught in the middle between the client and our company.
I'm not sure whose side I'm on, whether it's the sales department or the engineering group.
I'm here to take my client's position, to protect them.

If we think we're in the middle or we're protecting a client against our company or shielding one department from another, we need to re-adjust our thinking.

There is no middle. There is no good guy or bad guy. We are supposed to be working together, as imperfectly as it may be. The more we think "middle", the more we separate ourselves from solving the issues.

It can be glamorous, it can be a political move, it can be totally innocent, but we must fight the stuck-in-the-middle attitude and do the un-glamorous--listen, learn and find an answer that will help all of us achieve our dreams and goals.

Barry LaBov
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