Friday, April 16, 2010

Follow Our 29-Step Process to Success...

We can only process so much. In fact, instructional designers (they create training) are taught that adults can only memorize seven things at most--whether it be a phone number (that's why our phone numbers are seven digits) or seven steps in presenting a product.

The more steps or complications we have in doing something, the less likely it will be done.

That's why taking ownership is so important. When you are completely dedicated to something, you find a way to get it done, to make it feel right. You're not process-bound.

Conversely, when we feel we can't trust people or they don't care enough, we give them the 29-step process to follow. Problem is, if they follow the 29-step process, it's no guarantee we'll like the results, unless of course, they take ownership.

Are processes bad? No. But they won't overcome a lack of ownership or dedication. Start there. Then add the process to it.

Barry LaBov
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