Monday, April 5, 2010

Rome is beautiful to visit, but...

Rome, Italy is gorgeous. It's practically a museum that calls itself a city. Amazing. The wonders created during the Roman Empire still are on display there every day--but they are in many cases called ruins.

Talk to a historian about Rome and you'll learn that shortly before its fall, it was not a productive, healthy empire. 300 days a year were spent celebrating festivals, and of course the other days were spent preparing or recovering from them. The citizens didn't do much, they had slaves and other conquered people to do their bidding and their fighting. It was probably fun while it lasted....

At our companies, we have a chance to create or tear down our Roman Empires every day. If we aren't willing and inspired to do the work and dig in to help our clients, then why are we in business at all? If we think that others do the work, and we have positions, not jobs, then what are we headed for?

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