Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Why Ideas are Not Like Potato Chips...

The old Lay's Potato Chips commercial with Jay Leno had a tag line. After he did his best to convince you to eat as many chips as you want, he ended with: "Don't Worry We'll Make More." Basically, the message was--take what we made, no big deal. That's true for things like chips, cars, motorcycles, etc. But it isn't true for ideas or concepts.

If you manufacture jets, you need to protect your design, your technology and such. If you don't protect those concepts, plans and ideas, you'll soon have nothing unique to sell.

The same goes for ideas or concepts that service companies sell. If you're in the business of manufacturing ideas, they need to be protected just the same. If you allow anyone to take original ideas from you, then soon you'll have nothing to sell.

There's a good reason why cars have their logos on their hoods or grills. It let's all know who created it. That's why an original concept has a trademark next to it.

Barry LaBov
President, LaBov & Beyond
LaBov Sales Channel
PB&J Newsletter

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