Friday, February 12, 2010

Make it easy to buy

If you want one secret to selling more stuff, no matter whether you're a dealer or a manufacturer or a salesperson, here it is:

Make it easy to buy

One Saturday morning I finished a workout, showered, put on my warm-ups, tee shirt and baseball cap and drove to an electronics store to buy some high-end audio speakers for my home. I quickly spotted the audio department and stationed myself in front of the best (and most expensive) speakers they had. Within minutes a salesperson who had been eyeing me interrupted and said, "Sir, I can tell you really love music. Let me take you to listen to speakers that YOU can afford." He then shuffled me to the low-end district of the department where he spent fifteen minutes telling me how good the $30 speakers sounded. I told him thanks and left. I went down the street and bought some tremendous (and somewhat expensive) speakers from his competitor.

Obviously, he profiled me--I was dressed down and evidently looked "low-rent." That salesperson committed a cardinal sin. He made it too tough for me to buy. I was ready to take my wallet out, but he wouldn't let me until he finished his spiel and by then, I was finished with him.

We can make it too hard for customers to buy--whether it's employing the wrong salespeople or having too few people to wait on customers or if maybe we don't stock the product itself. The list goes on and on. Want to increase sales?

Make it easy to buy

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