Thursday, February 18, 2010

Mystery Companies

Another aftereffect of our new economy is the virtual company. Virtual companies have been around, it's just that now there seems to be more of them.

I was on the phone with an ex-client of mine and he was introducing me to his new company. Only it was weird--it was like he didn't really work there, he seemed to be doing a lot of other things in his life. So he introduces me to a couple of other partners in the firm and they're from different parts of the country and too, seem to be half-engaged and half-disengaged. What's going on?
Mystery Companies. Our new economy has given birth to these. They are often the brainchild of one to three people, who are totally dedicated. Then they connect a network of associates who jump in or out depending on the project need.
This Mystery Company approach fits our economy because these associates are doing other things, they're semi-retired, they're messing around, they have other Mystery Companies of their own, etc.

How does this affect us? Well, you can consider starting your own Mystery Company. If you do work with one, you have to make sure they can deliver.

As long as the economy is difficult for business and employment is threatened, Mystery Companies will pop up and fill the void.

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