Thursday, February 4, 2010

"Seamless" or "Faceless"?

I listened to a supplier talk of their working relationship with a client and described it as "seamless." Sometimes, that means good things. In this case, it was the opposite.

In this case, "seamless" meant this supplier did the client's work and sent it over to them. Seldom did the client review it, never did the supplier interact with the client. It was "seamless." It also was:
Unappreciated (the client couldn't know the effort put in)
Unapproved (the client was so hands-off, it was only a matter of time before a problem would crop up)
Questionable quality (meaning that in truth, the supplier couldn't know if it was good or bad due to no feedback)
The lack of connection with the client also allowed the supplier to draw its own conclusions as to how great their performance was and how important this "seamless" work was. All this without feedback from the client.

"Seamless" is only good when all parties are engaged to give feedback, to refine the product and to appreciate each other's efforts. Otherwise, it's merely "faceless."

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