Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Feeding the Machine

A manufacturer is cutting margins on all its products. A dealer is slashing prices. A supplier is saying yes to every demand its customers make. Why?

They're feeding the machine. What's the machine?

The machine is the organization itself. We feel the overwhelming pressure to keep production as high as possible, employment as high as possible, projections as high as possible, etc. All to keep that machine churning. It doesn't end.

But the cost of feeding that machine is high. It can cost a company its focus, its identity, and its value. And of course, if the only thing that is important is pushing product out the door, it will cost morale and sooner or later, it will cost business, because clients will be walking away.

In sports, some athletes ingest steroids to bulk up to feed their machine. Factory-farms fatten their cattle with inhumane treatment and drugs to bulk them up and feed their machine.

We must not feed our machine. We need to provide our best product and/or service and allow the machine to grow to its natural size, which may not be as large, but it will be more rewarding and profitable.

Barry LaBov
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