Monday, February 22, 2010

PR Lesson thanks to Tiger--Timing is Everything

The Tiger Woods situation is a fascinating study in PR that has application to our businesses.

His news conference was more of a Presidential State of the Union speech. It was scheduled in the middle of golf's biggest tournament thus far this year, causing distraction for his fellow competitors. He addressed most of the issues and read them competently from his prepared notes.

But he was a shaken man, not the fierce, independent competitor we're used to. Why? Timing. If he had done this earlier, it would've been less of a spectacle, less of a world-stopping made-for-TV event.

But why did he wait? I can think of only two valid reasons:
1) He thought it would blow over, go away. I doubt this, he's too smart.


2) He needed to wait to make sure nothing else, no other skeleton came out of the closet. If he had apologized months ago and ten more ex-girlfriends then came out with their Tiger story, he'd have some explaining to do. If one of those girlfriends said he did something bad, like drugs (recreational or performance-enhancing), that would have been another bombshell.

My guess, is he waited to make sure the dust had settled (including the possibility of buying the silence of anyone) before talking to the press.


Timing is everything. If you're wrong, admit it immediately and move on.
Better yet, don't get yourself in trouble by doing terrible things in the first place.

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