Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Either/Or is Not an Option

We live in an either/or world.
I'll get this done but that means these things drop.
We promised to send this inventory but we had other issues to attend to first.
We can deliver you the model you want, but it won't have the options you desire.
If you have confidence in your company, yourself, and your co-workers, you can't allow an either/or option of choosing what to do and what to drop. The cost is too high. Customers are depending on you, and so are your fellow employees.

We've got to find a way to do what we promised. Often, that is romanticized as making huge sacrifices, staying late, working people to the bone, etc. That's not a smart approach.
We can do what is promised, but it means we have to face the situation immediately, use our brains to figure how to do it, and then enlist people in helping us to do it. That's work, but it's also rewarding.
And necessary if we want to claw our way back from the depths of the recession and begin to grow.

Barry LaBov
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