Monday, February 8, 2010

Sometimes you don't how much you influence others

Betty was a lady born in the 1920's who grew up in a man's world. Her dad was an entrepreneur. He owned restaurants, a collections company and various marketing companies. Watching her dad engage in his businesses inspired her.

Of course, back in those days, her job as a woman was to graduate high school, get married and have kids. She did that and then jumped into the workplace as soon as she could to become a bookkeeper/office manager for a small business. She constantly told her kids what a great businessman her father was and how exciting business was. You can imagine how that went over with her two sons, who rolled their eyes and went out to play catch in the backyard--to them, business was boring and undesirable.

But Betty, my mom, had an influence. I don't know if was brainwashing or if she woke me up to some kind of genetic thing I share with her and my grandfather, but it worked. And I thank her for that.

We don't know how much influence we have on others. Sometimes, it takes a long time.

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