Monday, February 15, 2010

The Grind

Great athletes, when under the stress of a competition and are struggling, say they are grinding. meaning that while they're not in control of the situation, they haven't given up and are trying their best. Most of their competitors would give up at these moments. Ideally, the athlete can recover and win, or at least be rewarded for a good performance.

In your business, do you feel like you're grinding? You know, working extra hours, stretching yourself, etc. If so, congrats on being so tough and determined! However, maybe you should re-think why you're grinding...

How to know if the grind is worth it:

1) You feel a sense of camaraderie with others at your company, others are pitching in with you
2) It's appreciated by your fellow employees
3) It gets results--you do great work and grow business

How to know if the grind is not worth it:

1) There's little to no teamwork
2) It's not appreciated, in fact, it may be resented
3) It only results in more opportunities for you to have to grind on more things

I'm all for being determined and dedicated, but remember that draining yourself for a lost cause isn't very smart. We have to make sure that if we're supposed to be in this together, then that means just that. Otherwise, forget the grind.

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