Wednesday, January 27, 2010

New is no longer new

If you're a corporation, dealer or supplier, you're hopefully focusing on new business. If not, life is going to be tough if you count on your current clients to maintain their level of business and to be loyal.

Current clients are the focus, but right after them is the new prospect who will ideally become a client in the near future. Your biggest challenge? "I've never done this before."

There is a resounding chorus of "I've never done this before" every time you begin to work with a new client. New client, new industry, new personalities, new technology, etc. We can't let that stop us. If we do, it means we can never serve a new customer.

It is assumed that a new customer will be, well, new. Our job is to help that new client by using all we have, including all our expertise and passion.

If you want to grow, "new" is not a bad word.

Barry LaBov
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