Wednesday, January 13, 2010

How do you know if you did an A+ job?

In a earlier post, I stated that we must do an A+ job in these times to have hope of maintaining and growing our jobs and our clients.

A good question raised to me regarding this was, "How do you know if you did a great job, who decides?". We, the manufacturers, dealers or suppliers, cannot decide if we did an A+ job. We're biased. And surveying or pressuring a client to tell us the same is equally inaccurate, also.

Here's my answer. The client's behavior tells you whether you did an A+ job. Note I said behavior. Not their words--if you ask them, they may tell you "great job." I'm talking about unsolicited, unprompted actions from the client.

Here are a few signs that you must have done an outstanding (A+) performance:

The client calls you with good news--they have more work for you
The client refers you or your product/service to a friend
Without you present, the client raves about you
The client sends you a thank-you gift for the great work

These are a few examples of unsolicited behaviors from the client that tell you that you have indeed done something special in their eyes.

An A+ job is identified not in the words, but in the behavior of the client. Look for it.

Barry LaBov
LaBov & Beyond

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