Thursday, January 28, 2010

Missing the boat on diesel or hybrid products

You walk into a car dealership and are asked about the new hybrid or diesel model...What will you likely hear? Probably what I heard recently: "You don't want to buy a diesel or hybrid, because in the long run, you'll spend more for one."

Who said the only reason I want a diesel or hybrid is to save money? What if I want to help save the planet?

It's the difference between demographics and psychographics. My demographic is how much money I make, where I live, all that factual stuff. My psychographic is what I believe, how I see the world, all the stuff that explains what's important to me.

Our world is becoming much more focused on the "what I believe" arena. Let me buy a diesel or hybrid car.

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  1. Good point. Marketers and advertisers are really missing a huge opportunity by now evolving their sales pitches to include "a higher purpose."

    I am not sure why any salesman would put the suggestion in someone's head "You don't want to buy" even if they're trying to steer them to another model.

    But oddly enough, if someone actually wants to be green in their vehicle purchases, they'd actually be better off buying a well-maintained used car that gets good gas mileage. Rather than a new hybrid with batteries made from super-polluting mines. But if one must have a new car, diesel and hybrids are best.

    Nice post.