Monday, January 18, 2010

Five Tips on Maintaining an A+ Performance Environment

As I've stated, we must strive to do A+ performances in this economy. C+ jobs will merely result in a short-lived relationship with a client, whether you're a manufacturer, dealer or supplier.

Doing our very best work is not a burden--unless you strive to do that work in a team that includes people who don't share your passion. Or unless you have a client who doesn't appreciate or recognize great work. Either of these situations should be eliminated.

Five Tips on Maintaining an A+ Performance Environment

  1. Realize an A+ performance is temporary or momentary. It can be ruined by your next performance or enhanced by it.
  2. Let the client's behavior, not their words, determine whether or not you performed tremendously
  3. Realize that A+ work is filled with joy. If you're not feeling the joy, identify the source and do something about it.
  4. There are people (clients) who don't appreciate tremendous work. They are not a source of joy. Consider other clients to serve.
  5. There are people (employees) who don't have the passion to do great work. Their job is just a job. They will bring no joy or great performance to your work. Consider working with other people.

Realize and appreciate the results of A+ work: your client seeks you out, shows appreciation, offers more opportunities and wants you to prosper. The alternative--mediocrity--results in stress, unhappiness, uninspired work and the need to replace the client that just walked out the door, never to return again.

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