Monday, January 25, 2010

Entitlement and Recession--interesting combination

Usually when there's a recession, the overall feeling at the office or the factory is "Hey, whatever you need, I'll do it. I need a job." I've personally been through four recessions and have become accustomed to that.

Today, we have a challenge. This recession is different. There is a strong feeling of entitlement despite there also being a weak economy. The sentiment from a lot of employees is, "I expect to be paid well, I don't like to make sacrifices and I want to work on things I find interesting." That attitude probably works best when the economy is robust. It's a huge challenge when the economy stinks.

The danger with this is that an entitled attitude in this economy will quickly un-employ an employee. We have to constantly remind each other why we're in business (to take care of the customer) and if we don't want to do that, then there's no company, no salary and no job.

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