Friday, January 8, 2010

The five differences between A+ and C+ performance

It used to be acceptable to do competent work. There was so much work to go around that it just wasn't that critical. But those days are over. Here's why we have to strive for A+ work:
1) Doing an A+ job may be the difference in getting all of your clients' business and getting none. Why should they commit themselves to a company that is not superior to the others that are begging for business?

2) Striving for that A+ performance is motivating to the best people at a company. They want to do great work and are appalled and demotivated by mediocrity.

3) A+ work is profitable. A client will gladly pay for something that is head and shoulders above everyone else. Whether it's for ideas or for a brand new sports car, a client will pay more--if there's clearly a difference.

4) Focusing on doing the best performance is cathartic. It is healthy for a company because it exposes weak areas as well as strengths. Until you test what you're capable of, you'll never fully appreciate what you have (in terms of people as well as capabilities).

5) Doing A+ work leads to efficiency. Yes, it will take less people to do the best work, because the best people are so much more valuable and have a vast output compared to the rest.
There is no reason to do anything other than our best. So what's stopping us?

Barry LaBov
LaBov & Beyond

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