Friday, January 20, 2012

A Best of Barry: "Your" versus "Our": Ask "Y"

There are times to take credit. Sometimes it is simply accurate to say that concept is your idea. Or maybe it would be viewed as insincere to imply it was ours when nothing could be further from the truth. But...

Most of the time, ideas, concepts, new products, great performances are not created alone. They truly are collaborations. Why not share the glory?
The difference between saying something is yours, versus it is ours, is the letter "Y." Ask "Y" when you're tempted to say it's yours.
What I find is that taking credit is also time-sensitive. Haven't we seen someone take credit for an idea after it had been loved by the client? Where was that conviction before the client bought it? That person was laying low, playing the game. If it turned out bad, then he wouldn't take credit.

Here's when to take full credit:

1) When it is 100% accurate to say so.
2) Before the idea has been declared a winner.
3) When you are also willing to take total responsibility should it fail.

Otherwise, just ask "Y."

Barry LaBov
LaBov and Beyond
LaBov & Beyond
Originally posted 01/15/10