Monday, January 2, 2012

Not my fault

I think the toughest thing we face in our business and personal lives is accountability. We just find it hard to accept that we have caused something to go wrong or that we simply aren't up to the task.

Some of us over-compensate and say that everything is our fault--but we really don't believe that inside. Admit it, it's far more pleasurable to point a finger at someone else than to point it back at ourselves. So why do that, if you don't have to?

Because it sets you free.

Sincerely admitting a shortcoming allows you to face what you've been fearing (looking bad, for example), it stops destruction because it's all out in the open and it gives you a chance to do extraordinary things--things you have not been doing such as asking for help or getting to the bottom of the issues that really trip you up or maybe even realizing that you're trying your darnedest to do something you (maybe nobody) can do.

Or you can point a finger at someone else. And the stress and worry continue.

Barry LaBov
LaBov & Beyond Marketing Communication and Training

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