Monday, January 16, 2012

Good luck with that

Remember the old cartoon where a bunch of soldiers were lined-up and their commander asked for volunteers to step forward and everyone but one poor sap stepped backwards? Ever feel like that?

As I've become an old codger, I've adopted a response to being "volunteered." I'm okay with it as long as the following are true:

1) I get no unsolicited advice on how to do the task from someone who is not joining me as a "volunteer." Basically, it's "put up or shut up," as harsh as that sounds.
2) Anyone joining me as a volunteer needs to be treated respectfully and allowed to do things more or less his or her way (within reason, of course). With great (and uncompensated) responsibility comes great freedom.
3) This should be enjoyable, fun and enriching for those involved. So, if it means we celebrate or we hire out part of the process, then we do it.

Some of the greatest experiences in my life have been when I was volunteered. I was volunteered to buy and help run a golf course and club, coach a girls basketball team, lead a bible study, preside over a nonprofit, lead a rock band and even run a business or two.

After all those experiences, I just smile as the soldiers start stepping back.

Barry LaBov
LaBov & Beyond

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