Monday, January 23, 2012

A Best of Barry: Business card or ticket to leave?

You're at a store and are interested in buying a product. The salesperson is not the best in the world. You could be persuaded to buy, but you're not making it easy for him. Then the salesperson reaches into his pocket and hands you the ticket to leave--his business card. He says, "Call me if you have an interest or want to stop by again."

You walk out, time goes by, it's two weeks later and you reach into your pocket and find that guy's business card, only by now it's wrinkled up and tattered, because it's been in the wash a few times. So, of course, you throw it out.

Just like he threw you out as a customer.

I knew a salesperson years ago who had an interesting approach: he never printed up his own business card. When you'd ask him for his card, he replied, "I don't carry business cards, but I'd be happy to take yours." Pretty smart--he'd keep control by being the one with the information.

Also, it saved him money printing up business cards that would result in him losing business.

Barry LaBov
LaBov & Beyond
Originally posted 05/17/10

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