Friday, October 15, 2010

A Best of Barry: Isn't there always a challenge?

Right now, you have that one thing, that one issue and if it would go away, everything would just be great. But...

Don't we always have an issue or challenge? If you're a manufacturer, don't you always have something challenging you, whether it's in regard to product, pricing, positioning or the sales channel? If you're the sales channel, isn't there always something that's a problem, whether it be relations with the manufacturer, the economy, turnover, etc?

I'm convinced that once we solve that big problem, the next one in queue pops up and that's problem we need to deal with. And the cycle starts over again.

So, we either will look at it as an ongoing grind of frustration or we just realize that we will solve this issue and there will be another one, and that's the variety and fun that our businesses bring us.

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