Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Best of Barry: Clever isn't always so clever

Who doesn't love a creative idea? A unique concept? A twist of a phrase that draws laughter? We all enjoy the clever ideas. But clever can't be the goal, it must be merely an outcome.

Too often we try to be clever to prove that we're creative. Usually that results in ideas that are too complicated, fuzzy or confusing. For instance, that hilarious commercial you saw last night on tv. It was funny, outrageous and memorable except for one thing: the name of client that paid for it. Clever idea, but worthless nonetheless.

We need to stop trying to prove our cleverness. Instead, it's all about solving a problem and coming up the answer that inspires and changes behavior.

If our idea is so great that the world is changed because of it, then maybe we're clever after all.

Barry LaBov
Originally ran 03/25/10
LaBov & Beyond

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