Monday, October 11, 2010

A Best of Barry: Breaking Through the Internal Clutter

We've all heard that good advertising needs to break through the clutter. True, but cliche.

In today's large corporations, there are so many initiatives and programs that employees are bombarded with too many messages--too much interference. Any successful internal communication must separate itself from the clutter or it will fail.

How? First you must simplify the message. Make it human-speak, not corporate-speak. How many memos designed to improve internal communications and performance are filled with the same mumbo-jumbo that is blocking the company's performance already?

No matter the technology, no matter the product or service, no matter the customer base or dealer-distributor base--humans crave simple, sincere communication.

Our goal needs to be to communicate with our employees and constituents just as they do with their friends and family--the people they care about.

Look at your communications and determine if it breaks through the internal clutter and mumbo-jumbo, if it does, your message has a chance.

Barry LaBov
Originally posted on 09/17/09
LaBov & Beyond

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