Monday, March 2, 2009

Thank the Big Three for Destroying the image of Biz Jets: Part Two

In my previous post, I focused on the current private jet "feeding frenzy." This is part two.

Thanks to the Big Three, Congress now has a rallying cry against corporate greed - "Down with the Private Jet."

First of all: For most, it's not a private jet. It's a business jet. Here are some facts:

  • Most fliers on business jets are non-executives (85%)
  • Most owners of business jets (over 80%) are small- to medium- size businesses
  • Most business jet flights utilize smaller airports, not the main, commercial ones - they reduce congestion and give companies out of small towns an option to fly direct to clients
It's an American success story - the US makes the bulk of aircraft and is the worldwide leader.
There are millions of miles flown on business jets yearly for charitable causes ranging from "Make a Wish" to the Special Olympics.

In my next post, I'll share the reasons why my company invested in a business jet and view it as a smart investment.

Please review the ads that my company created from the standpoint of a business jet owner, I'd love your feedback on them - they are shown below.


  1. I love the concept and the contrarian approach. It's a way of thinking of business travel that most people don't. Commercial travel is inefficient and if you tied up your execs with it, you'd have less business, less employees. So the ad is in your face, but at the same time has an underlying logic that makes sense. I was surprised when I found out you had a business jet, since even huge NYC agencies I've worked for don't. But maybe this is the type of nimble, can-do type of thinking that small/mid-sized agencies are known for.

  2. Thanks, Marc. We believe 100% in the message.Yes in NYC a commercial flight to 500 miles away is maybe an hour and half. Out of a smaller city, that may be seven hours of travel or more, due to connections. I have employees that I value greatly--if I can save them that time so they can maintain a great home life and are fresh the day after we travel, it's a big positive.

  3. Great concept and a great way to stand up for a practical business tool for an organization that actually uses it enough for it to impact the business for the positive.

    From a practical, which add do I like better, standpoint, I dig the first one. I think the copy communicates the point a little better and you got to love the image.