Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Brand Elevation via the Elevator Speech

Companies spend millions of dollars on branding and advertising with the intent of elevating their Brand and having the consumer clearly differentiate it versus the competition.

Whether you have spent millions of dollars or not, your company's image or story is critical for your success.

Try this. Ask four or five people at your company to share their "elevator speech" describing what your company is all about in two or three sentences. Make sure you're sitting down when you do (or at least brace yourself).

You will most probably find that your fellow employees--whether they are execs or line workers--have very different and in some cases, very misguided views of your company's Brand.

I asked a top exec at a very high tech, environmental motor company what his company was all about. I imagined he'd explain how his company was saving the environment through his products or perhaps how they were helping the U.S. becoming energy independent. But instead he replied, "We make motors." So much for the efforts to persuade consumers that his product was superior--our first focus was to start internally and engage his employees and dealers on their Brand.

Want to elevate your Brand? Start first with those who represent it to customers and prospects every day.

Barry LaBov, CEO
LaBov & Beyond

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