Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Field of Dreams Marketing Part 2

In the previous post, the focus was on "Field of Dreams" Marketing--where you build a nice company with nice products and people and expect customers to flock to it, only to be disappointed.

Here's a way to tell if you're engaged in a Field of Dreams Marketing approach. Are you surprised that a competitor of yours has mediocre or poor product yet does very well? Or that your customers don't understand how great your product is?

In our sound byte world, the customer will give you only a few moments to differentiate you versus the competition. The simplest answer is to develop your elevator speech so that any customer or prospect can quickly understand just how great you are.

If you can simply articulate what makes your company special, that's a start. That message needs to be repeated in every communication you do from internal marketing to your sales channel and on into your external advertising and marketing.

If you can't articulate what makes you special, why should we expect customers to do just that?

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