Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Get Rid of Mass Communications

Want to increase business? Improve morale? Reduce mistakes? Minimize how many people you insult?

Reduce or eliminate mass communications--you know, the "Dear Owner" or "Dear So and So Customer" letters or emails that are sent out everyday.

We can all spot a generic communication. How do you respond? I usually don't read it. I throw it out without opening it up.

Why would you give money to a cause, no matter how good it is, that asks for money through a generic letter? Would you hire an employee that sends a generic "To whom it may concern" letter alerting you to his or her talents?

If you have 150 potential donors, why not a handwritten note to each? If you have a universe of less than 200 customers or prospects, why would you ever send form letters?

It takes more time to personalize. It takes more thought. You actually have to care enough to do it. And more people will read it if it's personal.

The less mass communications you do, the stronger your results.

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